Faculty members of the Department of Media and Communication come from diverse disciplinary backgrounds, including media studies, sociology, cultural studies, literary studies, art and philosophy. The department has a vivid research activity and staff members work as editors of prominent journals in their fields, board members of cultural funds and as consultants to cultural projects. The Department also hosts a computer, radio and television lab, where students are assisted by professional staff.


Hammer Ferenc

Dr Ferenc Hammer

Associate Professor


Ágnes Gagyi

Ágnes Gagyi

Adjunct Professor

Galicza Péter

Péter Galicza

Assistant Professor

Gács Anna

Dr Anna Gács

Associate Professor

György Péter

Dr Péter György


Hajnal Ernő

Ernő Hajnal

Hargitai Henrik

Dr Henrik Hargitai

Assistant Professor

Házas Nikoletta

Dr Nikoletta Házas

Assistant Professor

Hirsch Tibor

Tibor Hirsch


Müllner András

Dr András Müllner

Associate Professor

Orbán Katalin

Dr Katalin Orbán

Assistant Professor

Pap András László

Dr András László Pap

Associate Professor

Pellandini-Simányi Léna

Dr Léna Pellandini-Simányi

Assistant Professor

Szilágyi-Gál Mihály


Dr Mihály Szilágyi-Gál

Assistant Professor