Dr Katalin Orbán

Associate Professor

Katalin Orbán, PhD, writes on literature and visual culture, focusing on memory and technological change. Her works on graphic narrative, contemporary transformations of reading and the book, and the ethics and politics of social memory have appeared in the Journal of Graphic Novels and Comics, the ‘Comics and Media’ special issue of Critical Inquiry, and Representations. Her book Ethical Diversions: The Post-Holocaust Narratives of Pynchon, Abish, DeLillo, and Spiegelman (Routledge, 2013, 2005) discusses narrative form, memory, and posthumanist ethics.

Prior to joining the Art Theory and Media Institute of Eötvös Loránd University as an Assistant Professor, Katalin Orbán taught in the interdisciplinary honors program of the National University of Singapore and in the Writing Program of Harvard University, among others.


Selected Publications

Orbán Katalin. 2018. Closer Than They Seem: Graphic Narrative and the Senses. The Edinburgh Companion to Contemporary Narrative Theories, eds. Zara Dinnen and Robyn Warhol. Edinburgh: Edinburgh University Press, 239-255.

Orbán, Katalin. 2015. “Mediating distant violence: reports on non-photographic reporting in The Fixer and The Photographer.” Journal of Graphic Novels and Comics 6: Paper 10.1080/21504857.2015.1027943. 16 p.

Orbán, Katalin. 2014. “A Language of Scratches and Stitches: The Graphic Novel between Hyper-Reading and Print.” Critical Inquiry 40:(3) pp. 169-181.

Orbán, Katalin. 2013.”Embodied Reading: The Graphic Novel, Perception, and Memory.”  International Journal of the Humanities 11:(1) 1-11.

Orbán, Katalin. 2006. “Trauma and Visuality: Art Spiegelman’s Comic Books about the Holocaust and 9/11.”Representations 97: 57-89.

Orbán, Katalin. 2013. 2005. Ethical Diversions: The Post-Holocaust Narratives of Pynchon, Abish, DeLillo, and Spiegelman. New York: Routledge.

Orbán, Katalin. 2003. Swallowed Futures, Indigestible Pasts: Post-apocalyptic narratives of rights in Kleist and Doctorow. Comparative American Studies 1:3.

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