The campus of the Department of Media and Communication is located in downtown Budapest. The campus hosts a wide selection of facilities, including a Library, sports facilities, a canteen, a pub, a garden and an open-air sculpture park.

The Institute has a computer lab, digital television and radio studio for teaching and experimenting.

Stuff member and students have access to the University Library, the Department’s book collection and the library of the Central European University.

TV Studio

The studio’s major function is the technical service of the three departments (film, media and communication, aesthetics) of the Institute for Art Theory and Media Studies, operation of the devices used in the lectures and seminars; support of the teachers’ and the students’ works.

Short story

The studio and the ELTE Media Center (EMC) came into existence in same year under leadership of Ferenc Turai, who was followed by Imre Tóth in 1992. Operations were launched in a single room, in the same place using analogue technology. An installed studio and the controller room were ready for use in 1994 with the cameras and lamps, which were suitable studio quality filmmaking. The radio studio’s development began a year later. Here university courses are being organizing today, and later First Pester University Radio (EPER 97.0) started its broadcast. From 2010 the studio launched the conversion from mini DV system to HD recording, and the development of a totally new digital mobile studio system.


ELTE BTK Institute for Art Theory and Media Studies
H-1088 Budapest, Múzeum krt. 6-8. (main building, basement, -130)
Telephone: +36-1-411-6500 (3143 ext.)
E-mail: studio@emc.elte.hu
Opening hours: monday to friday 9:00-19:00