The Department of Media and Communication offers four degree programs:

BA in Media and Communication

BA in Liberal Arts – specialisation in Media and Communication (Major and Minor)

MA in Media and Communication

PhD in Film, Media and Contemporary Culture (with the Film Studies Department)

The curriculum consists of core and elective courses that allow students to specialise in areas of their interest. Internships are part of the Communication and Media curriculum at both BA and MA levels. The Department has built up an extended internship network in the Hungarian cultural industry (television, radio, print and online media, NGOs, etc.).



BA in Media and Communication

(3 years full time)

The program offers a critical understanding of the mechanisms and changes in media, communication and contemporary culture, with an emphasis on social science and cultural studies. Students also develop skills in journalism and acquire a practical experience of the field through the Department’s internship program.

In the first two years students get an introduction to the theoretical, social and legal aspects of media and communication and media history, and acquire IT as well as academic and creative writing skills. From the second year on the curriculum is flexible. Students can set up their own study scheme and specialise in either Journalism or in Research. Prospective journalists acquire skills in print journalism and speech, learn about ethical issues in the media, and can choose from a number of elective specialised courses (e.g. TV journalism, Radio journalism, Digital media). Students specialising on Research study the cultural history of media, and gain insights into different traditions and techniques of interpreting media and culture.

Students pursuing a BA in Media and Communication may additionally do a Minor program at one of the other departments of ELTE or alternatively take additional courses in their core subject.

The Program is completed by the submission of a BA dissertation on a topic of the students’ choice.

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BA in Liberal Arts with Media and Communication Major and Minor


This specialisation is offered for students studying for a BA in Liberal Arts. The BA in Liberal Arts provides an introduction to Humanities. After an introductory year students can choose Major and Minor specialisations that allows them to deepen their knowledge in an area of their choice. The Department offers both a Major and a Minor in Media and Communication studies.

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MA in Media and Communication

(2 years /4 semesters full time)

The program enables students to deepen their practical and theoretical knowledge in Media Studies. Students can choose between Journalism and Research specialisations, and attend 6-7 courses per semester (90 minutes x 14 weeks). The program consists of five modules. The first module includes theoretical courses including units looking at theories of representation, socio-cultural history of media technologies and democratic culture. The second module consists of research training or training in journalism (two semesters). The third module is composed by elective seminars. The program finishes with a one semester internship and the preparation of a dissertation (three semesters). The program is completed with a thesis (app. 15,000 words) on a topic of the students’ choice.

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The Department of Media and Communication runs a joint PhD program with the Film Studies Department. The Doctoral Program in Film, Media, and Contemporary Culture combines traditional approaches – such as film and television history and the anatomy of genres – with cultural studies and the analysis of social, cultural and political context of cultural production. For further details please refer to the PhD website »