Working papers

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Tomas Aritzia (Escuela Sociología/ICSO UniversidadDiego Portales,Chile): Actor-Network-Theory and Cultural Research

Ferenc Hammer: Urban nightlife as popular public sphere in socialistHungary

Gabriella Szigethy: Madame Lebrun’s Wandering Life

Léna Simányi: Stuyding Ethics with Bourdieu

András Müllner: Dracula Embedded. Phantasmal Images of Blood Abuse in a Hungarian Experimental Film (Miklós Erdély: Version)

Eszter György: “Gipsy ghetto” inBudapest– Urban texts of the 8th district

Botond Vitos: Experiential Versus Ideological Motivations of Discursive Demarcation and Identity Construction in the Czech Psytrance Scene


Zoltán Kacsuk: Subcultural and fan markets: Between creative/cultural industries and ethnic markets

Péter Csigó: The “fifth estate”: how professional media interpreters are mythicizing media and driving politics in late modern societies?

Léna Pellandini-Simányi: Old and New Questions in the Sociology of Morality

Melinda Kovai: Politics, power and knowledge in the psychiatric Kádár-era medical diagnosis