Dr Péter György, DSc


Prof. György, a graduate in Literature, History and Art Theory earned his PhD in the History of Hungarian Avantgarde. His first monography, co-authored by Gábor Pataki, was written about late 1940’s Hungarian Avantgarde Art, later he wrote more about contemporary American, European and Hungarian Modernism. After 1989 he was a founding member of Media Studies at ELTE, lectured in the New School for Social Research, New York and has been extensively contributing at conferences and for scholarly journals in Hungarian and in English ever since.
His Distinguished University Professorship came after his book on the philosophical issues involved in museum theory, prior to which he had already widely researched this area in essays and books. (The English edition of this book came out in 2008, Russian and Slovakian forthcoming.)
He is the Head of the Film, Media and Cultural Studies Graduate Programat ELTE and is now involved in the establishment of a Curatorial Studies and a New Media Master program with theHungarianUniversity of Fine Arts and the University ofDrama, Film and Television,Budapest respectively.

Professional Activities & Affiliations

  •  New School for Social Research (guest lecturer 1995/1996; 1997; 2001)
  • Annenberg School
  • New York University
  • Royal College of Art,London
  • Mancheste rUniversity, Department of Social Anthropology
  • Krakkó Jagelló University, Curatorial Studies Department

Selected Publications

The Spirit of Place, From Mauthausen to MoMA, CEU Press, Budapest, 2008

Unknown Stories/Forgotten Places, in: Andreas Fogarasi: Kultur und Freizeit, Hungarian Pavilion, Giardini di Castello, Venice, 52nd International Art Exhibition, La Biennale di Venezia, ed. Katalin Timar, Verlag der Buchhandlung Walther König, Cologne, 2007

’Virtuelle Entfernung’ In : Kristóf Nyíri (Hg.) Allzeit zuhanden. Gemeinschaft und Erkenntnis im Mobelizeitalter, Passagen Verlag, 2002. pp.101–109.


‘Hungarian Marginal Art in the Late Period of State Socialism’, In: Postmodernism and Postsocialist Condition, University of California Press, 2002. pp. 186–215.


The Order of Bodies’ In: Biopolitics. The Politics of the Body, Race and Nature, Aldershot, Brookfield, Hong Kong, Singapore, Sydney: Avebury, 1996, 41–54.pp.


‘Die Okkupation des Alltags’ In: Kunst und Diktatur: Architektur, Bildhauerei und Malerei in Österreich, Deutschland, Italien und der Sowjetunion 1922-1956, Baden: Verlag Grasl, Band 2, 1994, 723–727.pp.

Contact Details

Institute for Art Theory and Media Studies

Department of Media and Comminication Science
Eötvös Loránd University
Mail: Múzeum krt. 6-8., 1088 Budapest, Hungary

E-mail: gpeter _at_ emc.elte.hu

Phone: +36 1 411 65 58