Culture in Practice: Culture and terror

Course convenor

András Müllner

Course content

The course explores the ways in which the subject of terror has been approached in the fields of media, philosophy and art.

Indicative reading


Cottle, Simon: Mediatizing the Global War on Terror: Television’s Public Eye, in Kavoori, Anandam P. – Fraley, Todd (szerk.): Media, terrorism, and theory: a reader, Rowman & Littlefield, 2006, 19-48.
Thussu, Daya Kishan: Televising the “War on Terrorism”: The Myths of Morality, in Kavoori, Anandam P. – Fraley, Todd (szerk.): Media, terrorism, and theory: a reader, Rowman & Littlefield, 2006, 3-18.

II. Terror-philosophy

Autoimmunity: Real and Symbolic Suicides. A Dialogue with Jacques Derrida, in Giovanna Borradori (ed.): Philosophy in a Time of Terror: Dialogues with Jürgen Habermas and Jacques Derrida, 2003.
Jean Baudrillard: The Spirit of Terrorism, in The Spirit of Terrorism and Other Essays, tr. Chris Turner, Verso, 2003.
Edmund Burke: A Philosophical Enquery into the Origin of our Ideas of the Sublime and Beautiful, Oxford University Press, 1999.

III. Terror-politics

Zsolt Rostoványi: A terrorizmus civilizációs-kulturális háttere – avagy levezethető-e az iszlám terrorizmus az iszlámból? [The Civilizatory-Cultural Background of the Terrorism – or can we deduce the islamic terrorism from the Islam?], Belügyi Szemle, 2002, 6-7, 26-44.
Noam Chomsky: Power and terror: post-9/11 talks and interview, Seven Stories Press, 2003
István Trembeczki: Terrorizmus és globalizáció [Terrorism and Globalization], Magyar Tudomány, 2006/12. (A terror aktivitása)

IV. Terror-art theory

Anthony Kubiak: Stages of terror, Journal of Dramatic Theory and Criticism, Fall, 1989 , see Anthony Kubiak: Stages of terror: terrorism, ideology, and coercion as theatre history, Indiana University Press, 1991, 3-28.
W.J.T. Mitchell: Cloning Terror (Lecture the Baker-Nord Center for Humanities, in 2006)
WJT Mitchell: The Unspeakable and tbe Unimaginable: Word and Image in a Time of Terror, ELH. Journal of English Literary History, 72:2 (2005)

Hesford, Wendy S.: Staging Terror, TDR (The Drama Review), 50:3 (T191), Fall 2006.

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