Visual Strategies in Modernism

Course convenor

Gabriella Szigethy

Course content

This course focuses on the notion of visuality in Modernism. During the semester we shall read and explicate major contributions and debates in the field.

Indicative reading

Krauss, Rosalind. 1979. Sculpture in the Expanded Field. October 8 (Spring) 30-44.

Bal, Mieke. 2003. Visual essentialism and the object of visual culture. Journal of Visual Culture 2 (1) 5-32.

Nancy, Jean-Luc. 2005. The Ground of the Image. New York: Fordham University Press

Atkinson, David and Peter Jackson, David Sibley, Neil Washbourne, eds. 2005. Cultural Geography. A Critical Dictionary of Key Concepts. London: New York: I.B. Tauris

McDonald, Sharon ed. 2006. A Companion to Museum Studies. Blackwell Publishing

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