Reading Seminar in Foreign Languages (English)

Course convenor

Gabriella Szigethy

Course content

The aim of this course is to develop students’ English literacy, comprehension and analytic skills. During the semester we shall read texts form various academic disciplines. For every text, students will individually prepare a vocabulary, and we will translate and explain the texts in class together.

Indicative reading

Urry, John. 2004. Death in Venice. In Tourism Mobilities. Places to Play, Places in Play, ed. Mimi Sheller and John Urry, 205-215. London: New York: Routledge.

Serlin, David. 2006.  Disabling the Flâneur. Journal of Visual Culture 5 (2) 193-208.

Atkinson, David Atkinson. 1998. Totalitarianism and the Street in Fascist Rome. In Images of the Street. Planning, Identity and Control in Public Space, ed. Nicholas R. Fyfe, 12-30. London: New York: Routledge.

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